IRI® FILLER S600 (1 ml)

This monophasic hyaluronic acid filler was developed specifically for use with the IRI® Hyaluronic Pen Series.

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Extraordinary results require raw products in absolute purest form. Our answer is "IRI® FILLER S600". This monophasic hyaluronic acid has been specially produced for use with the IRI® Pen Series. The special property of the hyaluron plays a decisive role here:

Viscoelasticity: 59 Pa.S (1 Pa.S = 1,000 cP)

Consistency: 24 mg/ml

Endotoxin: < 0,1 EU/ml

BDDE remaining stock: ~ 0

MoD: 2,72 %

The IRI®Filler S600 has been specially developed for treatment with the IRI®PEN and has the optimum flow properties to maintain the stability of the cross-linking through the pressure application and thus guarantee a long-lasting result. Due to the low endotoxin value, a high degree of purity is offered, which excludes reactions on the material. The IRI®Filler S600 is designed to ensure a high quality standard and was rated "very good" by Dermatest®, the Research Institute For Reliable Results.

Exceptional results require raw products in absolute purity. Our answer is "IRI® FILLER S600". This monophasic hyaluron filler was developed especially for use with the IRI® hyaluron pen series.