The original IRI®PEN

Needleless volume increase of the lips with hyaluronic acid. The original
is patent pending and dermatologically and clinically tested

The IRI Pen was nominated for the German Innovation Award 2020!

The original IRI®PEN in 40 seconds

This video shows you in short form a volume increase without needle with the original IRI®PEN.

Did you know…

... that the original IRI®PEN eliminates all inefficiencies of a classic lip injection?

By means of technologically perfectly balanced pressure in combination with the patent-pending barrier protection technology, the IRI®Filler, specially designed for this application, is applied extremely gently to the skin, thus ensuring an increase in volume of the lips without a needle. This technology is unique, patent pending and safety confirmed by clinical studies.

    The original:

  • Only the original IRI®PEN system has German scientific reports and studies on penetration depth, distribution patterns and skin compatibility, as well as a legal opinion.
  • The IRI®Filler S600 was developed especially for the IRI® treatment and guarantees a long-lasting result.
  • Rating of the IRI®Filler S600 from Dermatest® with "very good.
  • Market leader for needleless filler treatments.
  • Tried and tested by doctors.
  • Co-developed by doctors.
  • Over 3,000 satisfied users.
  • Over 70,000 successful treatments.
  • Unique patent-pending barrier protection technology.
  • The IRI®PEN eliminates all inefficiencies of a classic lip injection.
  • Training by certified medical product consultants.
  • IRI®Expert App - Own landing page, training, information, live chat with the trainers, consulting, updates, online shop and online courses.
  • Ideal for needle phobia.
  • Nearly painless.
  • No downtime.
  • No needlestick injuries.










Our aim is to revolutionize the volume build-up of the lips with the original IRI®PEN and to establish it as a needle-free standard.
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